November 21, 2008

Dance Underground

Jesse Selengut of Tin Pan Blues Band sends me news today that his band will be playing  from 3-6 pm at the Union Square Station above the N, R on Sunday November 23rd.

Tin Pan rocks out at a summer barbecue.

Jesse says,
"I want to let you know about an event I'm trying to throw together. Tin Pan will be at Union Square (above the N,R) on Sunday from 3-6 pm and I've invited a whole mess of dancers down. I'm hope you can come too...I love the idea of having dancers in that space."
Tin Pan plays a bunch of classic tunes such as "Satan Your Kingdom Must Come Down", "Puttin' on the Ritz", "I Found a New Baby", the ridiculously awesome "Icecream" song, and several tunes composed by Jesse himself. 
Band members include Jesse Selengut on the trumpet, Clifton Hyde on resonator guitar and mandolin, Rob Adkins on upright bass, and Stefan Zeniuk on saxophones and other reeds of various shapes and sizes. 
The longer I've known Tin Pan, the more their sound has developed from generally badass, to extremely gritty and ridiculously hardcore. They take songs like Bill Bailey that are traditionally fast and play them real slow and dirty. If rock and roll had existed in the 20's, Tin Pan is it. You can hear a sample of their music on their website.

November 20, 2008


Go Where?

Avenue C and 9th St., Manhattan

FREE 5 dollar donation suggested, the band plays for tips.

A small, low-key bar where a band can let loose a bit. Relaxed LES crowd and the occasional loud drunk. They feature live music every night of every genre, with a focus on folk, jazz, and bluegrass. 

Danceable? YES, room for two or three couples.
Dress? comfy, scruffy
Food? NO, but good pizza right next door.
Trains? 6 to Astor Place or L to 1st Avenue

394 Broadway, Brooklyn

FREE the band plays for tips.

Completely worth the trek, this wonderful restaurant has live music every night as well as incredible food for good prices and yummy desserts including a date cake and freshly made doughnuts. The place is decked out to be a 1920's speakeasy with gas lights and a ridiculous amount of detail. The owners are two lovely fellows who treat the place like their child. Bring a date, they will fall in love with you, I promise.

Danceable? NO but near the end of the night there might be some room.
Dress? Sharp, bohemian. Being beautiful isn't required, but, you know...
Food? Incredible. (Cash only)
Trains? J to Hewes

769 Metropolitan Avenue, Brooklyn (bwtn Graham and Humbolt)

FREE the band plays for tips.

This spot only has music once a week, but you can make a day of it. Sunday brunch at Harefield is deee-lish. Twelve dollars gets you a mimosa/bloody mary, coffee/tea, and an entree. Expect to wait anywhere between 10 minutes and half an hour to be seated. They have outdoor seating in the warmer months. Brunch is served until 4 pm, whereupon you can drink some beer and chill until the Cangelosi Cards start playing at 5. The place is a bit hectic during the Williamsburgians-eating-brunch-with-7-friends period, but the place relaxes signifigantly as 5 pm rolls around. 

Danceable? YES, one or two couples may have to move occasionally for passing patrons but otherwise it's a go!
Dress? However you damn well like, though ray bans might make you blend in.
Food? YES, cash only.
Trains? L to Graham Avenue.

more to come.

Weekly Gigs




Something Constant*
*subject to change and I'll add more as I find em'
*always call club to confirm gig*

Sofia's Restaurant/Club Cache (downstairs) at the The Edison Hotel
Vince Giordano and the Nighthawks, 3 sets from 8 til 11.
$15 cover, and $15 food/drink minimum (unless you sit at the bar, and then there's no food/drink minimum)

Banjo Jim's
Lichtman's Brain Cloud plays from 10:00 til 1 am.
FREE 1 drink minimum per set, $5 recommended contribution, band plays for tips.

Antique Garage
Michael Arenella, 7:30

Chez Oskar
The Blue Vipers of Brooklyn play at 8.

Banjo Jim's
Terry Waldo plays stride piano, 7:30-9:30
FREE 1 drink minimum per set, $5 recommended contribution, band plays for tips.

The Mona's host a late-night jam from 10:30 till 3 am.
FREE Band plays for tips.

Session 73
Sly Blue plays for dancers and Brooks Brothers types alike at this cozy bar from 9-12.
FREE No drink minimum or cover.


The Blue Vipers of Brooklyn play at 8.


Baby Soda Jazz band plays from 9:30 til midnight.
FREE but you'll drink and/or eat.

The House
The Blue Vipers of Brooklyn play at 7 pm.

Stephane Wrembel plays from 9:00 till 11:30ish
$10 suggested donation

The Ear Inn
The EaRegulars play from 8:00 till ?
FREE but the band plays for tips.

Testing, testing.

Avalon's Mission Statement

My goal in creating this blog is that jazz lovers and dancers in New York City will be able to go to one place to find information regarding traditional jazz bands and venues. They will also find reviews and upcoming news about the music itself. 

Musicians and dancers will be able to find each other, nurturing the warm community that these two groups have formed. We have a great deal to learn from each other.

For jazz lovers in general, perhaps this blog is a place to find out about new kinds of music you've never explored before, or to discover that the music you thought had long left our local scene is in fact alive and kicking.

My dream is that one day I will turn this into a website that connects us globally.

Traditional Jazz or "Trad Jazz"
A music that originated in the streets of New Orleans in the 1910's and 20's. Created by musicians who combined the traditions of African and European music. We use it today to describe bands who draw their inspiration from the likes of King Oliver, Louis Armstrong, Fats Waller, Sidney Bechet, Billie Holiday, and Jelly-Roll Morton. Often-times the blues, folk inflections and fiddle tunes are incorporated into their repertoires.