November 20, 2008


Go Where?

Avenue C and 9th St., Manhattan

FREE 5 dollar donation suggested, the band plays for tips.

A small, low-key bar where a band can let loose a bit. Relaxed LES crowd and the occasional loud drunk. They feature live music every night of every genre, with a focus on folk, jazz, and bluegrass. 

Danceable? YES, room for two or three couples.
Dress? comfy, scruffy
Food? NO, but good pizza right next door.
Trains? 6 to Astor Place or L to 1st Avenue

394 Broadway, Brooklyn

FREE the band plays for tips.

Completely worth the trek, this wonderful restaurant has live music every night as well as incredible food for good prices and yummy desserts including a date cake and freshly made doughnuts. The place is decked out to be a 1920's speakeasy with gas lights and a ridiculous amount of detail. The owners are two lovely fellows who treat the place like their child. Bring a date, they will fall in love with you, I promise.

Danceable? NO but near the end of the night there might be some room.
Dress? Sharp, bohemian. Being beautiful isn't required, but, you know...
Food? Incredible. (Cash only)
Trains? J to Hewes

769 Metropolitan Avenue, Brooklyn (bwtn Graham and Humbolt)

FREE the band plays for tips.

This spot only has music once a week, but you can make a day of it. Sunday brunch at Harefield is deee-lish. Twelve dollars gets you a mimosa/bloody mary, coffee/tea, and an entree. Expect to wait anywhere between 10 minutes and half an hour to be seated. They have outdoor seating in the warmer months. Brunch is served until 4 pm, whereupon you can drink some beer and chill until the Cangelosi Cards start playing at 5. The place is a bit hectic during the Williamsburgians-eating-brunch-with-7-friends period, but the place relaxes signifigantly as 5 pm rolls around. 

Danceable? YES, one or two couples may have to move occasionally for passing patrons but otherwise it's a go!
Dress? However you damn well like, though ray bans might make you blend in.
Food? YES, cash only.
Trains? L to Graham Avenue.

more to come.

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