November 21, 2008

Dance Underground

Jesse Selengut of Tin Pan Blues Band sends me news today that his band will be playing  from 3-6 pm at the Union Square Station above the N, R on Sunday November 23rd.

Tin Pan rocks out at a summer barbecue.

Jesse says,
"I want to let you know about an event I'm trying to throw together. Tin Pan will be at Union Square (above the N,R) on Sunday from 3-6 pm and I've invited a whole mess of dancers down. I'm hope you can come too...I love the idea of having dancers in that space."
Tin Pan plays a bunch of classic tunes such as "Satan Your Kingdom Must Come Down", "Puttin' on the Ritz", "I Found a New Baby", the ridiculously awesome "Icecream" song, and several tunes composed by Jesse himself. 
Band members include Jesse Selengut on the trumpet, Clifton Hyde on resonator guitar and mandolin, Rob Adkins on upright bass, and Stefan Zeniuk on saxophones and other reeds of various shapes and sizes. 
The longer I've known Tin Pan, the more their sound has developed from generally badass, to extremely gritty and ridiculously hardcore. They take songs like Bill Bailey that are traditionally fast and play them real slow and dirty. If rock and roll had existed in the 20's, Tin Pan is it. You can hear a sample of their music on their website.


  1. Rad. Holla if you're going. x

  2. Dear Eve,

    Get rhythm in your feel / and music in your soul! This is a great new blog, and I'm happy to be on your blogroll. I've returned the compliment, too. Wishing you a happy, expanding, enlightened readership! Cheers, Michael Steinman (