December 11, 2008

Photography Feature: Michael Arenella

michael arenella
Impeccably dressed, and with a band that's mastered that sweet sound, Arenella's a man to be reckoned with. Here is Avalon's first photography feature, with pictures from last years 1920's picnic on Governor's Island. Spiked watermelons and flappers abound.

the end.


Excerpts about the Cangelosi Cards (mainly Tamar here, though the entirety of it includes more about the other musicians) from an essay I submitted to my world music professor:

"The venue for their show is called the Telephone Bar. The bar is completely unremarkable when one first enters, just a typical St. Mark's place Irish pub. The one redeeming feature is the abundance of actual English telephone booths at the entrance, but there was nowhere for a band to set up. The first time I went to see them, I asked the hostess if in fact the Cangelosi Cards were playing and she led me to a back room. Through heavy glass doors decorated with white lace curtains, I entered a long, thin, candlelit room with mirrors covering every inch of wall possible. At least fifty people were crowded into the small room, sitting on banquets, chairs, stairs, anywhere. The band was all the way at the end of the room with a fireplace crackling behind them." 

"Then they played a sort of introductory phrase, bum-bada-da-bum-ba-da-daaaaaa! A young woman next to me with short cropped brown hair, a high-waisted skirt, and little black heeled boots, walked through the mess of chairs and tables up to the front to join the band. She nodded to the steel-guitarist and sang an intro for Blue Skies, an intro I didn't even know existed! She finished, there were a few moments of silence and the band launched into a gentle but incredibly swinging rendition of Blue Skies. "Blue skies, smiling at me, nothing but blue skies do I see. Never saw the sun shining so bright, never saw things going so right. Noticing the days hurrying by, when you're in love, my how they fly." "
Tamar Korn
"The appreciation I have for Tamar's voice is practically indescribable. She would have easily held her own with the greats: Ella, Billie, Louis. Her voice is a mix of those old blues singers and some country bluegrass. Her strange nationless accent is totally unaffected, and her dance steps and movement completely natural, she is the perfect modern day representative for the glory days of these tunes. She is fememine and awkward, silly and serious, cute and beautiful, technical and playful, young and old. Her improvisation is equal to that of any other musician. She played an imaginary fiddle, yodeled, mewed, scatted, and generally had the audience in the palm of her hand. She meant each word she said and became one with the sentiment of each song. "
The Cangelosi Cards play an engagment party.
"The music of the Cangelosi Cards is considered a largely forgotten genre, but consciously or not we all seek out that comforting sound of fiddles and harmonicas, old tunes about love and blue moons. Jazz, gospel, bluegrass, ragtime, country music: this is the collective lullaby of the American people. It is the subconscious popular music that we associate with hard working happy families living the American dream of due reward and inherent equality. When I first heard this music being played in a fresh way, and saw people around me of all ages and backgrounds entranced by it, I knew I'd found the real deal. The band was much more than an imitation of Hot Fives and Sevens, they were tight and relaxed, and while preserving the roots of jazz they effortlessly combined it with a folkly fiddly vibe. I hope that in the future traditional jazz will become popular in the mainstream again, especially to help us through the coming recession depression. Banjo pickin' and learning four part harmonies is something we can all learn to do while waiting for our 401(k)s to return."

December 10, 2008

Tin Pan on the Today Show!

Watch out for Tin Pan's appearance on the Today Show tomorrow morning at 10:30! We're not sure how much time they'll be given, perhaps a clip or perhaps an entire tune, hmmm! 

or as Fats Waller would say, "Yeees, yes!"

December 9, 2008

Vipers Website

The Blue Vipers of Brooklyn have a fancy new WEBSITE.