May 14, 2010


So I know it's coming a bit late...and you all already know this!
But...Meschiya Lake and dem Little Big Horns are in town!

Meschiya is an incredible old time jazz singer who used to sing with the Loose Marbles, but now performs with her own band, the Little Big Horns. They have a new record out which you should snap up immediately- it even holds a few original tunes written by Meschiya herself!

She's in Washington Square park most days, you can look on her facebook page for updates.
As for night time gigs...

May 14, Cafe Moto
May 16, Jalopy
May 19, White Heat
May 20, Radegast Hall and Biergarten
May 22, Fair Folks and a Goat
May 22, Zebulon
May 23, Fada Bistro

They are all fully listed on the upcoming events page.
See you there!