February 19, 2010

Tight Like This 2/18/2010

Here I am again, blogging about the goings on at Avalon Jazz Productions (aka, my brain).

The second ever Tight Like This occurred last night.

It was different from the last one in many ways...the first of which being that is wasn't quite as packed as last time. This is because the bands that played, Roosevelt Dime and The Scandinavian Half Breeds, are not as well known among dancers. Because Tight Like This is not exclusively a swing dance event, this was fine with me! I want to showcase as many great early jazz bands as possible, regardless of their popularity with dancers. The dancers that did come out loved Roosevelt Dime's rowdy dixieland jug vibe as well as the Half Breed's awesome django-inspired swing. It was great to see so many civilians out and boogieing to the music. Several asked about dance lessons and where they can find more music like this! Mission accomplished!

For some reason I only ended up getting pictures of the Half Breeds... (Sorry, RD! I was too busy dancing to remember to get out my camera!)

The Scandinavian 1/2 Breeds

Jordan Hyde

Ken Woodward and Mario Maggio

Peter Pezzimenti

It was cozy and fun and there was good energy all around. Near the end of the night The Half Breeds played a beautiful rendition of Moonglow, which you can see here...

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