February 2, 2010

Lichtman's Brain Cloud @ Banjo Jim's 2/1/2010

Last night I went to see "Lichtman's Brain Cloud" at Banjo Jim's. Dennis Lichtman of The Cangelosi Cards is the leader of this band which last night included: Izzy Zaidman (Guitar), Tamar Korn (Vocals), Raphael McGregor (Slide Guitar), Ian Riggs (Upright Bass), Dennis Lichtman (Mandolin/Clarinet/Fiddle), and Kevin Dorn (Drums). Needless to say, such an incredible line up of musicians under Dennis' leadership playing good old timey western swing produced a night of incredible music! See for yourself...

and some video...

Lichtman's Brain Cloud will be playing Banjo Jim's at 10:00 every Monday for the next month or so.

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