November 11, 2009

Sly Blue at Session 73

Sly Blue at the Speakeasy

Due to unfortunate structural problems at the speakeasy space that Sly Blue had been playing at previously, they moved their Tuesday night dance uptown to Session 73, a lovely bar/restaurant with a bandstand and a dance floor on 73rd and 1st avenue. I hadn't made it up there since they left the original space and finally went out last night to get my dance on.

As I walked in the band was playing Blue Moon. I sank, coat and all, into the cushy couch directly below the bandstand and closed my eyes. The music swelled over me. I was so happy to be there. Sly Blue has such a beautiful, clear sound. This means that the fun, happy songs are a joy to dance to, but it also means that the love ballads go directly to the heart. I sat there with my eyes closed until the song was over. 

The musicians on the stand last night were Marko Gazic (guitar, vocals), Sam Hoyt (trumpet), Matt Musselman (trombone), Peter Maness (bass), and Chris Norton (trumpet, vocals).

Sly Blue busks in Central Park

I had never heard Sam Hoyt's tumpet playing before. I was blown away! He is a perfect counterpart to Matt Musselman and brings a certain madness to the otherwise dapper sound of the band. Chris Norton, a trumpet player who is also something of a madman, arrived for the second set. The two of them fed off of each other's energy. The dynamic between the three horns in general was incredible. Each would take a solo and when Marko signaled them to take it on home, they would weave together perfectly for a smashing finish. 

During the band break more dancers began to arrive. Actually, there was quite a crowd. Sly Blue has been trying to get dancers out to this location since they started there, and the word is finally catching on. Session 73 is definitely becoming a solid weekly event. I recommend it to dancers, musicians, and music lovers alike. 

Sly Blue at Session 73
9 - 12
no cover
good floor
great music
is now being added to Weekly Gigs

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